Principal’s message

ABC International School has good reasons to claim that it is the pioneer in holistic English medium education in Narayanganj. Our past results in the public exams (‘O’ and ‘A levels) very truly support our claim. Our confidence has been taken to new heights by students who scored the world highest in maths in their IGCSE (O’Level) and ILSC (class-VIll) exams. However, in ABC International School, continue to put our honest endeavor to achieve even higher recognitions both at home and abroad.

Our commitment to providing the best possible academic guidance never ceases to bear fruit. Awards from Daily Star and Edexcel are great sources of inspiration to our teachers. We feel greatly elated when we see our students joining foreign universities (USA, Australia, Canada and Malaysia) for higher education. Conscious effort is always made to keep the academic atmosphere free from all pollutions. Surveillance team is active around the clock to keep the congenial atmosphere ever fresh. Security is another thing we are concerned, always.

Our faculty members are trained by the Edexcel/British Council experts, I personally take classes of teachers to improve their skill. They are continually briefed on their responsibilities. The Academic council of our school goes extra miles to make sure that students remain aware of their ultimate objectives. They make them dream of happy and prosperous days ahead. Foreign trips (USA) have already been made a reality. This has helped Students understand where the developed countries have climbed and where we. as a nation stand.

innovation is a key to success. Teachers are strongly advised to develop mew ways to make teaching more useful. ABC school will always remain on quard not to miss the updates of global development. Our Academic Council is equally aware of ensuring all-round development of the students. Apart from various extra-curricular activities, Duke of Edinburgh has also been kind enough to provide necessary support for wider exposure for our students in order to develop their personality, leadership quality, sense of cooperation, enhancing confidence, decision making, etc. The academic council is always  grateful to the school management members for their necessary support and cooperation, without which success would not have been possible.

ABC International School assures the best possible academic service to all.

ABC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is an English medium school which was established in 1997 to accommodate students from Play Group to 0-level. We have three Sections i.e. Junior and Senior Sections.
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