Mid section :

In order to make administration smooth and effective, the entire academic area has been divided into three parts – Junior Section, Mid Section and Senior Section. Each section is headed by a Senior Academic Coordinator who is helped by several Academic Coordinators.


All teaching activities are monitored by coordinators. This facilitates academic progress and transparency inside classes. A very special responsibility that Mid Section carries is preparing students of Class – V for iPLSC Examination conducted by PEARSON (Edexcel). It is a matter of great pleasure that many of our students (Class – V) are achieving outstanding results, including World-highest and Country – highest in different subjects.

8 to 12 years old students are taught in this section.

ABC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is an English medium school which was established in 1997 to accommodate students from Play Group to 0-level. We have three Sections i.e. Junior and Senior Sections.
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