All classes of ABC International School are divided into 3 sections such as Junior Section, Mid Section and Senior Section.

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8 to 12 years aged students are taught in this section.

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The students from class VI to class X are included in senior section. Their age group is between 13 and 18.

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Notice Board:

Science Fair

Date : 2020-03-05
Venue : Venue: School Campus (Shostapur)


Date : 2020-01-16
Venue : VENUE: Shamshujjoha Kira Complex, Narayanganj

Taking a brake

Date : 2020-01-05
Venue : Meghbari Resort, Gajipur
ABC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is an English medium school which was established in 1997 to accommodate students from Play Group to 0-level. Presently we have three sections i.e. Senior, Mid and Junior Sections. Increased accommodation is available in the Senior Section. The members of the Board of Directors materialized their vision of having a spacious school-building in Shostapur. In the new building of our school, we have the best possible atmosphere for education. Our goal is to develop the student’s potentialities; to update them with the knowledge of the ever changing and ever developing world; to develop their verbal as well as written skills in English; to make them familiar with Bangali culture and heritage; to guide them so that they acquire effective communication skills and leadership quality and be leaders and decision-makers in challenging environments. Emphasis is placed on good examination results. The slogan of our school is “Exploration Through Education”

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Awards & Events :


ABC International School is a leading home of learning. It is offering the British Curriculum. Every year, a large number of students of our school are showered with the prestigious Edexcel and the Daily Star awards because of their tremendous achievement both in IGCSE  O’ level and A’ level examinations. Many of the high achievers are further rewarded with scholarships in many foreign universities around the world. Thus, ABC International School aids students to attain a global recognition. The proud smile on parents’ faces is a reflection of their faith in the management body and teachers of our school.

The Daily Star Award Ceremony

ABC International School students attended the 20th Daily Star Award Ceremony held at Mirpur Indoor Stadium in 2019.

It honoured those who received 6 ‘A’s in O-Levels, 3 ‘A’s in A-Levels, and also the country  highest/ world highest.

Special thank was extended to students for their outstanding performance in the O-level examinations.

Duke of Edinburgh Programme :

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award, and has transformed the lives of millions of young people over the past years. In today’s uncertain world young people face more challenges than ever, from struggling education systems, to increasing inequality and greater competition for jobs and resources. All these uncertainties contribute to the growing frustration that can leave young people feeling excluded from society, and unable to find their place in the world. As a global framework for non – formal education, the award helps young people deal with these and other problems and is open to anyone between the ages of 14 – 24 regardless of gender, background or ability. By creating opportunities for young to develop skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure, the Award gives them the chance to challenge themselves, leave their comfort zone, and gain invaluable experience for the future.

There are three levels to the Award – ● Bronze (ages 14+)

  • Silver (ages 15+)
  • Gold (ages 16+)

And each level has four sections,




► Adventurous Journey and Gold Project at fifth stage.

Participants complete their activities with the guidance of an Award Leader and at each level increase the time, commitment and challenge in order to achieve an Award.

In ABC International School, this Award progremme has been initiated by Honourable Assistant Vice Principal Dr. Golam Moula in 2014. A team of Award Leaders (Ranu Khandaker, Chand Mian Milon, Mahmudul Hassan, Jahirul Islam, Kamrun Nessa, Sushmita Dey, Faisal Ahmed, Golam Rabbani & Mirage Ahmed) is working with their best efforts and sincerity under his supervision. Hitherto, 87 Bronze, 147 Silver and 90 Gold Awardees have taken and completed the award scheme which transformed their lives. Moreover, Awardees from ABC International School have attended the prestigious 4th, 5th and 6th Gold Award Ceremony of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award at the Residence of the British High Commissioner. This year 43 Gold Awardees will attend the prestigious 6th Gold Award Ceremony.

This programme helps the awardees to build up leadership, self confidence as well act as a catalyst to get scholarship in the renowned universities in abroad.

Only ABC International School is conducting this programme in Narayanganj, Parents and students are very much happy to avail this programme.

Debate :

ABC International School is the pioneer of English Medium School debate competition in Narayanganj. The honourable school management body is passionate at aiding the students to break their inertia and uplift interpersonal skills. Based on the objective, our students are involved in both inter-class and inter-school debate competitions on constant basis. This initiative is assisting students promote teamwork, develop leadership and improve English accent. Alhamdulillah! Our students have attained several achievements in both home and away contests with great supremacy. As a part of extra-curriculum activities their achievements are considered with utmost significance by the colleges and universities both at home and abroad.

Math Olympiad:

Math has always been a challenging activity for students. It boosts up the ability of a student in the mathematical realm ABC International School prepares students to participate in Math Olympiad. After the students are regularly groomed up by the maths teachers to reach the peack of success and recognition Alhamdulillah! Recently a large number of students of our school participated in Math Olympiad in Dhaka and 80% of the reached the final round with great valour. A student of class-VI Muntakim Islam got the first prize in his category in  Math Olympad 2019.

Science Fair :

ABC plays a pivotal role in organizing science fair every year and awarding students and teachers. Holding this fair integrates many subjects into one project such critical thinking, ethics, problem solving, data analysis, public speaking, making proper use of gadgets and scientific apparatus and also having sound knowledge about them.

Completing a science project provides students personal success and confidence. It allows them to develop independent learning skill like time management, responsibility, organization and communication. ABC is going to organize the next science fair in February 2020 for which students and teachers are working hard from now on.

Sports Program:

Sports are on one of the top most priorities of ABC International School. We believe that sports benefit students’ health, boost their confidence, develop leadership and improve mental ability to concentrate for better grades. A big playground adjacent to our school building acts as the core of our students’ mental refreshment and physical fitness. In their free time, students get themselves involved in Cricket, Football, Badminton and many other types of outdoor games with great exuberance. Besides, the ground floor is dedicated for various indoor games such as Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, Table Soccer and much more. Every year our school arranges delightful sports event for students, parents and teachers to consolidate the bonding among all.

ABC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is an English medium school which was established in 1997 to accommodate students from Play Group to 0-level. We have three Sections i.e. Junior and Senior Sections.
Contact Info :
  • South Shostapur, Narayanganj-1400
  • 02-7632564
  • abcinternational.school@yahoo.com
ABC International School,2020

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