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The ABC International School Debate Club is likely an extracurricular activity that provides a platform for students at ABC International School to engage in debates, improve their public speaking skills, and develop critical thinking abilities.

School debate club:

1. Meetings and Practices: The debate club hold regular meetings or practices, where members come together to discuss and practice debate techniques, strategies, and argumentation.

2. Workshops and Training: The club organizes workshops or training sessions led by experienced debaters or coaches to enhance the skills of its members. These sessions may focus on research techniques, structuring arguments, rebuttals, and effective public speaking.

3.  Mock Debates: The club conducts mock debates during their meetings or practices to provide members with opportunities to practice their skills in a simulated debate setting. These debates could be on various topics and follow specific formats, such as parliamentary debates or policy debates.

4.Competitions and Tournaments: Some debate clubs participate in local, regional, or even national debate competitions or tournaments. These events bring together debate teams from different schools or organizations to compete against each other.

5. Debate Topics: The club chooses a wide range of debate topics, covering social, political, scientific, or philosophical issues. These topics could be predetermined or decided through member suggestions and voting.

6.Guest Speakers: Occasionally, the club invites guest speakers, such as professional debaters, professors, or experts in specific fields, to share their knowledge and insights on debate techniques or specific subjects.