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Senior Section

ABC International School is a prestigious school in Narayanganj. The purpose of student activities is to provide opportunities for students to be involved in the all-round activities of the school. Students experience leadership opportunities that help them grow as well rounded adults. These activities expand interactions among students, who are likely to interact with others who are different from them. Our school activities include two. kinds of activities, co-curriculum and extra-curriculum activities. Co-curriculum refers to activities that are connected to the academic curriculum. IGCSE candidates of our school are studying Mathematics -B, Mathematics -A, Bangla, English Language B, Pure Maths, Physics, Chemistry, General Biology, Human Biology, Besides the students of Commerce group are studying Accounting, Business, Economics and Commerce. Moreover, there are many co-curriculum activities like, spell bee, debate, mental mathematics, exploring the world of film in film club, science fair, duke of Edinburgh program, sports, field trip, day out in the country and abroad etc.

The students from class VI to class X are included in senior section.