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The level of sports involvement and opportunities at ABC International School can vary depending on the specific school’s sports program, facilities, and resources.

ABC International School, offer a variety of sports programs and activities for students. These programs aim to promote physical fitness, teamwork, discipline, and overall well-being. Here are some common aspects of school sports programs:

1. Sports Teams: Schools often have various sports teams that compete in inter-school or regional competitions. These teams may include sports such as soccer, table tennis, track and field, Cricket and more. Students with a passion and talent for sports can try out for these teams and represent the school in competitions.

2. Physical Education (PE) Classes: Physical education is typically a core part of the curriculum in schools. PE classes provide students with opportunities to learn and practice different sports, develop fundamental movement skills, and understand the importance of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

3. Intramural Sports: Schools may organize intramural sports activities, which are competitions or events within the school community. These activities allow students of all skill levels to participate, have fun, and engage in friendly competition with their peers.

4. Sports Clubs and Extracurricular Activities: Schools often offer sports clubs or extracurricular activities focused on specific sports or physical activities. These clubs can provide additional training, skill development, and recreational opportunities for students interested in a particular sport or activity.

5. Facilities and Equipment: Schools with well-equipped sports facilities, such as sports fields, or tennis courts, can provide students with better opportunities to participate in a wide range of sports. Access to quality sports equipment and resources can enhance the overall sports experience at the school.