We care for your children...............as you do

From Principal’s Desk​

I am proud to be a part of ABC when it is celebrating 25 years of academic excellence. I have been inspiring students to buildup sound academic careers in prestigious professions both in and out of the country.

It goes without saying that a good number of ABC prodigies are already employed in lucrative international jobs in the USA, Australia, and Canada. Teachers are frequently given guidance to improve their skills and capacity. We have convinced parents that ABC is the right home in Narayanganj where holistic education is provided with proper care. Study tour in the USA is a privilege enjoyed only by ABC children. ABC has the credit of opening the window of the world, and this window has directed many of our learners to globally accepted foreign universities where they are now studying. While celebrating 25 years of success in academic activities; we urge all parents and guardians, to give the necessary support for our effort to reach a new height of glory.


M. Abdul Hai
ABC International School