We care for your children...............as you do

Junior Section

In order to make administration smooth and effective, the entire academic area has been divided into three parts – Junior Section, Mid Section and Senior Section. Each section is headed by a Senior Academic Coordinator who is helped by several Academic Coordinators.

Classes of play Group – K.G. – II are included in Junior Section.

Students get proper education, an international standard environment, and mother like affection here. Teachers always keep good communication with the parents. They take good care of every individual. Teachers always give attention to the weaker students.


There are some extra curricular activities besides academic lessons like Art, Games, Handwork, Music, Dance, Story telling etc. Students of P.G. learn ‘ how to write’, ‘how to hold pencils’ as well as some oral learnings/lessons. In Nursery, they learn to write words. K.G- I students learn to write sentences and in K.G. – II, they try to touch all the things to be prepared for class – I. There are no formal exams in P.G and Nursery. Class assessments are important here. Students of K.G. – I and K.G. II attend the exams in two terms. Students can learn and complete their daily lessons in the class.

In Junior section, teachers give emphasis in spoken English. Students are taught manners and etiquettes. Students of P.G. and Nursery watch videos in story telling classes.
* There is an excellent Games Zone for P.G. And Nursery.
* Each class has two teachers, For that reason, teachers can look after their students properly.
* The furniture of the classrooms are set up according to their age level. In P.G. and Nursery, students sit in the round table.
* D.J. lights are used for the rhymes and storytelling classes in PG.